ZB, Prescott Valley Branch - Prescott Valley, AZ

The ZB Prescott Valley Branch in Prescott Valley offers all types of deposit accounts with competitive interest rates since December 4, 1995. Besides checking on current deposit rates with the Prescott Valley Branch of ZB, also check interest rates with other Prescott Valley banks to find the best CD rates, savings account rates and money market rates.

Branch Deposits on Hand – $79,975,000

ZB Contact Information for Prescott Valley Branch Location

Prescott Valley Branch
2825 North Glasford Hill Road
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314
Yavapai County
ZB branch office number: 325
FDIC Certificate Number: 2270
FDIC Branch Unique Number: 257603
This branch provides: Full Service, brick and mortar office
Established: 04-12-1995
Website: http://www.zionsbank.com
Hours of Operation:
Monday: N/A
Tuesday: N/A
Wednesday: N/A
Thursday: N/A
Friday: N/A
Saturday: N/A
Sunday: N/A
Open Now: N/A

If you're looking for a loan to buy a house, a car or get a personal loan the Prescott Valley Branch of ZB in Prescott Valley also offers several different types of loans to banking customers. Prescott Valley, Arizona has 11 bank branch(es) to choose from and do business with to find the best mortgage rates, auto loan rates or credit card rate.


ZB Prescott Valley Branch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the ZB - Prescott Valley Branch login page for online banking?

Access to online banking is available on the http://www.zionsbank.com website.

Are ZB - Prescott Valley Branch auto loans available?

Yes, you can find auto loans offered at competitive interest rates at ZB - Prescott Valley Branch. You can find the full auto loan rates and terms available online on the http://www.zionsbank.com website.

Where do I apply for a ZB credit card?

The ZB - Prescott Valley Branch does offer credit cards. For more information, current credit card rates, and to apply for a credit card, go to the http://www.zionsbank.com website.

Can I get a mortgage loan from the Prescott Valley Branch of ZB?

You can go into the Prescott Valley Branch of ZB and apply for a mortgage loan. You can also see ZB's mortgage rates and get approved for a mortgage loan online at the http://www.zionsbank.com website.

Are ZB - Prescott Valley Branch online bill payments available?

Prescott Valley Branch customers can pay bills online by setting up your account on the http://www.zionsbank.com website.